Stereo bass question a la David Gray style

Discussion in 'Bass' started by headchem, Nov 8, 2007.

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    David Gray's track "The One I Love" from the album "Life in Slow Motion" has all the low end in stereo, which is against everything I've ever heard recommended for mixing bass. The track was mixed by Andy Bradfield, mastered by Bob Ludwig, and to be honest, I really enjoy the fresh sound of this stereo bass when listening with headphones. I converted it to mono, and as expected from a pro track, I didn't hear any significant cancellation (although I have yet to listen with a sub-woofer).

    Is this a mixing decision by Bradfield or a mastering trick introduced by Ludwig? Does anyone have any recommendations for achieving this stereo bass sound in the mix? Thanks for your input!
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    I doubt Bob Ludwig would do something so invasive (on a whim?) in mastering. No doubt it was created in the mixdown, and Bob probably made sure it worked all the way through the final points in the chain. I"m sure they talked about it along the way.

    All you have to do is find out how Bradfield did it in the FIRST place. :cool:
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    I hear a lot of stereo wobble in the bass, which makes me think the bass part may be an actual doubled bass line panned out. It sounds like all the high end was taken out of that bass part, because it has just slightly more character than a pure sine wave, which probably helps prevent a lot of the cancellation. Those are my thoughts on how it happened.

    I guess I should just call up Bradfield and ask him!

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