Stick with PT (mbox) or move on to a Roland VS-2480CD

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by soundstudio315, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. I have been using PT LE 6.2.1 on my g4 dual for the last 10mths. Well when it works it's great, when it starts acting up, Im at a loss. My MAC troubleshooting skills suck and besides frequently visiting the DUC forum for advice. My setup has pissed me off. I just us it to mix and recording my own projects (at home). So if I go with a Roland are my cpu crashing days over? I was just getting comfortable with getting quality sound of the using PT.

    So any suggestion would be appreciated
  2. Ellegaard

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    Feb 17, 2004
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    Oh, not the Macs again!

    There's nothing like computers screwing up. However, I know people who have been able to get great results with the MBox, so I would suggest you to give it one more shot. Is it possible to reboot the entire system on a Mac? A clean installation is often a solution if things start screwing up over and over again.
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    gee ... I had always heard how stable PT on a Mac was and why Macs are sooooo much better than PC's ... ????

    I run Cubase on a PC and in two years I have had 2 malfunctions which were my own fault ( deleteing the wrong things and trying to move files the wrong way) . Other than that, it has been rock solid.

    I don't think you will be happy taking a step backwards, less plugs available, limited choices, limithed tracks ... etc.

    I would work on trying to get my computer working correctly and stik with a computer based system. You just have so much more room to grow. The Roland is a dead end ...
  4. I got my MAC rolling again. uninstalled and reinstalled it. Working like a champ. For the most part it works fine for what I do. Just I think this is the 2nd time something like this has happened. Aslong as PT keeps putting out upgrades with fix patches for it's software, looks like Im gonna stay with my MAC setup.

    Thx everybody
  5. Randyman...

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    Jun 1, 2003
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    Evebn though you "Fixed" your MAC, I still have a word on the 2480...

    I have a 2480HD, and while it does SURELY have its limitations (and Roland's Proprietary formats :( ), speaking on portability - it ROCKS! And, it does NOT crash! In the approx 3 years I have had my machine, it has locked up maybe twice due to no fault of my own. I take it everywhere - it is a portable workhorse. You even have Universal Audio, TC Electronics, and Antares plug-ins avalible now! Turn the power switch "ON", plug in a handful of mics, and GO!

    I usually use "M24" mode to bypass any data compresson during tracking (up to 128 tracks can still be recorded w/o data compression, and exported individually if desired). I then simply export these "on-location" tracks to CD-R as wave files. Then, import to Nuendo, and mix away! I still prefer PC based mixing if I need real-time plug-ins (30-40 plugs at a time if needed!). Great mixes CAN be had with the 2480 by itself. Even Victor Wooten recorded Yen-Yang on a 1680! Public Enemey and others have also released "Major Label" records that were recorded to a Roland VS (using good front-ends, good mics, and a good mastering house - just as any good recording will). They are a "Dead-End" in the sense of hardeware expandability, but don't discredit what CAN be done with the VS line.

    My PC is NOT portable, and weighs about 40lbs, and I don't have a multi-input soundcard, so the 2480 fits my bill (I bought the 2480 before I built my new PC).

    It also makes a FANTASTIC FOH/Monitor board for small venues (while recording the performance at the same time :) ). 48 Dynamics processors, 8 aux buses, 4-band EQ with filter on every channel, upto 8 stereo/16 mono effects - makes for a VERY nice live board - instant recall to boot!

    The fact that you have a mixer/control surface "built-in" is also a big plus. Low latency is also nice, and makes overdubbing with effects in the phones easy as cake. Try adding some real-time plugs on your HP monitor mix for overdubs in your Mac, and you will end up at "latency city"!

    If you don't need any form of portability, I'd stick with the PC route (oops, MAC route in your case). $3000 can go a long way towards a few mic pres and compressors, but portability is important to some people. Your DigiDesign soundcard will likely limit you somewhat, so maybe a good A/D is also in store?

    Later :cool:
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    soundstudio315. uninstalling is an extreme measure to take on a Mac, learn the components in your sytem folder, you probably could have gotten away with just trashing the preferences and rebooting.

  7. trashing the preferences...

    Help me understand this...I did trash everthing the digi support as posted on thier Digidesign User Conference (DUC) the 1st I installed Protools. And the program and the mac ran fine. Now all of the sudden it started doing the "unexpected quit message" So I looked for those files again just to be sure, and there they where and digi had even posted newer instructions on which files to trash. I followed to the "t" . Rebooted, Restarted, Shutdown the thing really about 10 times through out the day, leaving rest periods for the MAC (really frustration periods for me lol) and last resort was the uninstall and reinstall. Of course I saved all my sessions before I did that. And forturnately it worked 1st time up. So believe me uninstalling it was the last resort, I don't want to make a practice out of it.

    Thx for your input though.
  8. Ellegaard

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    Feb 17, 2004
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    Auch, MAN, I'm glad I'm a PC guy... hmmm!!

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