Strange Audio Snyc Problems

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by irishjays, Mar 31, 2005.

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    This is my issue, I have in my home office a KORG d1600 that contains the drum tracks for an album my band is working on. I wish to transfer these files to my version of ACID Pro 5.0 so that I can add VST effects as well as visually mix the sound without having to use a stylus on a monocrome mini-screen. My computer sound hardware is a Sound Blaster Audio 2 ex, and I simply plug the mono output of the korg into the mic input of my audigy and set the gain. I record each individual drum track, four in all, bass, toms, snare, and overhead. The first three all syc up (at the end of each song there is a single 'clap' that we use to sync each track). Then the overhead track, it syncs at the end of the song, at the clap, but at the beggining it's actually longer than the other tracks by .2 secs

    I am slightly perplexed, however i have deduced that the problem might be one of two things,
    The bit rate of the recorder (korg) is 16 bit 44,1 and the bit rate of my Audigy, that I can't seem to change, is 16 bit 48,0 could that be messing with the sync.
    Another thing might be that the overhead mic is farther away from the drums and there is a time difference that the korg makes up for and the audigy doesn't.

    Any help would be appreciated,
  2. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    Korg D1600 Mk II 16-track Digital Studio

    from a web site (so it must be true) :)
    Or there may be some sort of CD burner option.

    The HD might be readable be a compouter

    ... or find a system that can transfer 16 tracks at once.
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    Too bad I don't have the Mortal Kombat II (d1600mkII) version of the d1600 and I only have the option of adding a SCSI drive. I have a CD burner on it but what would be the diff burning the individual tracks and using them on my computer, and streaming the tracks from the recorder to the computer.
  4. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    ... might be worth looking into that optional SCSI drive.
    IF the format can be read by a computer then it might be a way.

    I still like the thought of getting a system that can analog transfer the 16 tracks at once.
    Does the d1600 have 16 direct outputs ?
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    korg d1600mkII

    Hi I am using the d1600mkII withiut such problems Its probably out of sync with audigy which is fixed. To compensate manually you can erase blank tracks on simultaneously for the 4 tracks to suit but I think 2 sec is rather long. Why dont you try the SCSI connection and connect to a CDRW drive to copy out your loops and use your computer then to modify or you could use a SCSI hard drive to store your loops , then use your computer to extract them from that hard disk. The KORG can support multiple external drives, (HDD, CDRWs) connected in series. Thanks bro.. Dont know if I helped solve your problem...

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