Strange gohstly static sound hovering above chat show vocal track, what is it?

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    Mar 16, 2011

    Thanks in advance for reading and any help that you may have :)

    I record a weekly tech podcast and I'm trying to make the sound as professional as possible.

    Myself and my colleague are both using macs, we're both using Centric Mic Port Pro's to get the sound in. We're both using Shure WH30XLR Cardioid condenser headset mics and we're both recording to local HD during our skype call. I'm getting to HD using Audio Hijack Pro, and hes using software called Call Recorder.

    He's using call recorder so that his side can be recorded in a compressed state rather than the 700MB audio hijack pro file that I get.

    After recording I process both files with software called levelator (that is great podcast dynamics processing software). Then I edit it up in mackie tracktion and master with ozone vst plugin.

    For some reason his vocal track always seems to have some kind of strange ghostly static noise hovering just above his voice, whereas my vocals are always crystal clear.

    You can hear what I'm talking about if you listen to the show and turn the volume up high when it gets to the talking part here (he's the American sounding voice):

    112: TZ Discussion – A Spaceship is Just an Airplane That Flies in Space

    I use mac book pro and he uses desktop mac.

    The only other difference that I can think of is that I use an APC G5 rack power conditioner to process my power before it gets to my mac.

    Do you have any ideas, or usual suspects, that might be causing such a noise?

    All help much appreciated!


    p.s. There's a more detailed description of how we record the show here: How We Record TechZing

    p.p.s It seems to get worse as the show progresses...

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