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    I Have a tube mic that acts up sometimes.

    The mic is a C.S.D. "custom sound designs" a company that i have found no info on.

    It uses a 6201 tube 'at least that is what was there when i got it"

    The strange thing it does is, sometimes when i turn i on, the pick up pattern has switched to the other diaphram meaning 180 degrees. it sounds fine on the back and all the other 9 pick up positions still work fine it's just that its all 180 reversed.

    Even stranger is how to temporarly fix it.
    once it is reversed it will stay like that until i take it apart AND put it back together with it still on, (dont ask how i found out).

    Any ideas?
    I have replaced the tube with no change, but with a bit less noise.
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    To switch patterns most condensor microphones change the polarity on the diaphrams. It sounds to me as if there is something wrong in the switch or in the power supply. I would send the microphone back and have it checked out.

    We had a problem with a C-24 AKG microphone where it would not go out of omni pattern and we sent it back to AKG in the USA and they had to send it back to the factory to get the problem solved. Turned out to be a switch contact in the pattern selector was damaged when the microphone was made and they had to put in a new switch. Things happen and the manufacture is the only one with the tools and materials to make it right.

    If yours is an off brand of microphone then I would try and find someone in your area that can repair microphones and ask them to go over the microphone to see if they can determine the cause. Many microphones are made by the same plants in Korea, Japan and China and are branded for different suppliers in the Amercian Market so I would look around and see if you can find a microphone that looks similar to the one you have and try their tech support,

    Hope this helps

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