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    the vocal from a stereo track...:eek:

    im trying to get rid of the vocals from riders on the storm and have a friend sing on it just for fun. i took the right side of the stereo track and inverted polarity, then recorded(left and inverted right) onto bus 1-2.
    now the vocal is gone but it left a messy phase everytime there used to be singing. i looked into the waves platinum plugs and found that no noise reduction plug-ins help in solving this. any suggestions?

  2. Reggie

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    Dec 20, 2004
    Find a section of a Doors song that just has vocals only. Use a spectrum analyzer to find all the frequencies that make up his voice. Apply EQ's and filters to eliminate all of those frequencies in Riders on the Storm. Look around the 150 Hz to 5kHz area.
    Piece of cake.

  3. JoeH

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    Jun 22, 2004
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    It's interesting you chose THAT song of all. (One of my FAVORITE Doors tunes, actually.)

    If you go back to the original version (The one you haven't tried to remove the vocal from, that is), and listen VERY closely, you'll find that ol' Jim Morrison sang it "normally" - in a regular voice, and then he double-tracked it again, only WHISPERING the vocal line the second time. It's REALLY cool, IMHO.

    The first time I heard it I was really spooked at the lyrics anyway, and wondered just WHY it creeped me out so much. Then I listened much closer on a good quality system, and heard the "Whisper" track.

    It's probably the LAST tune I'd try to remove a vocal from, even for the fun of it. Ol' Jim was on to something, years ahead of his time. Anti-Kareoke device, indeed! :twisted:
  4. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
    Just heard this whispering technique on a John Mayer song recently and thought it was cool. That made me wonder if it was J. J. Puig's idea or not. I doubted it, but I hadn't heard it before. Actually, I had becuase i've of course heard The Doors, but I never noticed that. Thanks Joe
  5. theholotrope

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    that's very true... i never noticed it until I started editing and thought that it was a really cool technique. never actually heard it done before, I think. now, if I could just frickin remove it... :D


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