Studio Projects C1 vs Rode NT1-A

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mast and marque, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. I dont know which mic to get for vocals. Both are large diaphram condensers and come with free shockmounts from sweetwater music. They also both get rave reviews. Does anyone have any personal experience with either the Studio Projects C1 or Rode NT1-A?[/code]
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    The Rode is great for the money. Hard to beat at $200. I've never used the C1.
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    Dec 3, 2003
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    I have an nt1 and it sounds pretty good but the new nt2a uses the capsule from the k2 and that really rocks! A little more money will buy you a lot more mic- The K2 is like 6-700 hundred but the new nt2a can be had for maybe 350- just make sure you get the new one though- the old one had a differet capsule and while it was ok its nowhere like the k2 capsule
  4. Is this a newer NT2-A?

    Im hearing that the C1 can get harsh at higher frequencies. I want an overall warmer/darker mic. I know at this price it is hard to compare such sounds, but will the NT2-A have a distinct sound?
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    The NT-1 is a nice mic. It has its own sound that tends to smooth out the harsh transients of the average home studio voice, be it male or female.
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    not to complicate the decision further by adding options, but in the same ballpark, what about the Carvin CTM100? While I haven't used one myself, I've heard positive things from peers.
    Someone else may be able to shed more light on it, but for a similar price oas the Rode or SP, the CTM100 gives you a 4-pattern (Card, HyperCard, Omni, Fig8.) tube LD condenser mic.

    seems like a possible option
    and with the varying proximity response of the different patterns, you get a versatile mic with many sonic possibilities.
    hope to hear the opinions of others.

    best of luck

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