Press Release™ Launches Online Collaboration Tool For Audio Industry

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    rebzu Guest™ Launches Online Collaboration Tool For Audio Industry​

    Platform Allows Professionals to Rent Out Idle Equipment and Resources​

    Cambridge, MA (June 1, 2010)™ Audio Industry Edition, an online collaboration platform for audio professionals, today launches its first round of beta testing.™ Audio Industry Edition enables audio professionals to rent studio space and equipment and to enlist other audio resources from fellow professionals through a robust, secure web application. During the beta test, audio professionals can receive a free one-year subscription.™ Audio Industry Edition allows professionals to list their assets and services for rent, facilitating communication with other professionals interested in enlisting them and providing advanced transaction and booking functions.™ Audio Industry Edition is ideal for producers, recording engineers, mixing engineers, studio assistants, musicians, songwriters/arrangers, audio for video specialists, Foley artists, post production specialists, mastering engineers, or any other kind of audio industry professional.

    "There is so much equipment and talent in this community, why not take advantage of resources that are already available and in use by your peers?" says Andreas Randow, founder and president of™. "Shrinking marketing budgets make it vital for professionals to make the most out of limited resources, and our platform provides the perfect vehicle to accomplish this."

    As a business tool,™ Audio Industry Edition collects and processes rental payments by credit card and provides a way to manage all bookings, reducing the cost of owning equipment by allowing the owners to collect rental fees when it would otherwise be sitting idle. Bypassing traditional audio rental services means reduced rental costs for professionals looking for particular equipment, space, or services.™ Audio Industry Edition brings the talent and assets of the audio industry together into one community.™ is actively seeking participants for the beta stage. Please email to receive a coupon code for a free beta account, and visit Community-based Audio Rental for more information.

    About™ ™ is dedicated to helping photography and audio professionals flourish by enabling resource sharing and collaboration through a robust Web application that facilitates communication and provides advanced transaction management and booking functionalities. The platform enables members to make the most of photo and audio resources already in use and owned by others in the™ community, allowing all to book services and rent resources. Members may earn money by renting out their own idle equipment and space, or renting another’s resources for assignment. Members may also share their skills, locate and hire creative team talent, and other service providers.

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