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    Audio interace 212 focusrite with mic and all this connected to windows 7 laptop. Which has no DAW (mac is so much better!!) I had to download the abelton live lite 8 novation edition that supposedly the complete version comes with purchase of scarlett 2i2 interface. What a pain in the ass it is just to use Ableton!!! I been studying videos and messing around for three days and I still cant get the damn thing to record let alone simple things such as playing an instrumental that I dragged in from my iTunes. I have the drivers needed. Other than that this is such a pain!!! What do I need to do to record some vocals over an instrumental? I must of watched and followed the tutorial videos 15 times and I am not new to this recording and what not. My most familiar recording software is garageband cause I don't do anything too heavy. And garage band is splendid and very user friendly!! Ableton live 8 is crap! Any ideas on how to make work? what about audacity will that work?

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    HI I too am having the same problem. Excuse this website we try to be great at answering questions but we continually fall short of expectations. " Representative"
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    start w/ ch 1 on the interface, figure out where you 'input' is on your first track, and set it to ch1. make sure your output is 'main 1/2' or watever the default is. Abelton is not my go to, cuz i do mostly live tracking/mixing, but i have used it, and the principles of i/o are generally the same across the board.

    you need to clarify yourself w/ some concepts of, ins and out. if you plug a dynamic mic into 'mic1', 'ch1' whatever its phrased at, you have to make sure ableton knows you did. then record enable it, so you can hear it. or if you cant, you should at least see the meters going.

    dude i dunno if your being derogatory of this site, but i hold no stock in this site, and continually get help from experts, and offer some help when i can. this site rocks, there's a bunch of genuine people here.
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    I'm not an Ableton guy, that being said, some basic troubleshooting suggestions.

    Have you...

    1. plugged a mic into channel 1 input?
    (If the mic is a condenser mic, it will require that the phantom power function be engaged to work)
    2. talked into the mic to see if you are getting input, in the form of a visual light or meter?
    3. turned up the input level on chan 1 to get a strong visualization on a meter or light?
    4. plugged headphones into the pre amp to see if you can hear the mic in headphones?
    5. plugged the device into your computer
    6. been able to get your computer to recognize the device
    7. within your recording program, have you selected a channel/track input that corresponds to the channel number you plugged the mic into on the pre?
    8. armed your track to record?
    9. can you see input levels on that channel/track?

    and finally... have you read the manual?

    Focusrite // Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface Tutorial - YouTube

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