Stupid Question: Why does my Win2k partition put on weig

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Sgtpep01, Dec 11, 2001.

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    I have Win2k installed on a 4 gig partition of a 20 gig WD hard drive. The remaining space has been partitioned into a second drive dedicated as the installation directory for programs. The initial instalation of Win2k took up about 1.5 gigs of space on the 4 gig partition. However, after only 3 months my Windows partition has bloated to almost 3.5 gigs even though I have never installed anything other than Win2k itself on the 4 gig partition, (I install all of my programs on the second partition). What the heck did Windows do with all that extra space? Are there any files or folders I can safely empty or delete other than the .temp directory?
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Well..are you on a laptop or desktop? What mightbe happening is two things..
    One is your Paging/Swap file might be set too high and is taking up valuable space. might have hibernation mode set to on and when that is on it adds a hiberfil.sys file which is pretty damn big!!! Go into your display properties and go to Screen go to the Power setup and look to see if Hibernation is on..if it is turn it off. Reboot and you may need to set your folder view options and uncheck Hide Protected Operating System go into the C drive and there should be a file labeled hiberfil.sys or something like that..thats what it is called in WinXP. Delete it and check your drive useage space and see if it has dropped.
    Your Swap/Page file should be set to the same for min and max. this way it's a dynamic swap file set to the outer most part of your drive which is the fastest access time and windows knows exactly where to look for it instead of searching the entire drive.
    Also I would reccomend keeping all apps installed onto the OS partition. When you partition and install apps seperate from your OS partition you are making the drive read mechanism work twice as hard.

    P.S...thats a very good question and not stupid at all!!
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    Jul 6, 2001
    I agree. Also log files sometimes get out of hand and can take up enormous amounts of space. You might want to go through the optimization doc that Opus has on his web site if you haven't done so and turn off any service you don't need that might be creating unnecessary log files. It would probably be safe to delete the associated .log files after disabling the services.
    I'm not sure about w2k but NT 4 caches .tmp files in the temp folder and they need to be deleted from time to time because they keep building up and slow down the box and take up space. You might want to do a file search with *.tmp and get rid of em.
    Another place where files build up is in IE if you use your box for web browsing. Right click on the desktop icon and choose properties->delete files. I always click delete offline files checkbox when I'm cleaning up user boxes.

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