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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by logamos2001, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    so im looking at getting the KLIPSCH PROMEDIA 2.1 PC MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER SYSTEM for my computer to use for just computer sounds and then use my monitors for mixing. id like to be able to run my mbox through the sub on this setup and use the sub for both systems, for anyone willing to help me out here is the link does anyone have an idea on how i can do this? and also, how does one use monitors with a sub? are there outputs on most sub for monitors?
  2. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    cummon no lovin??
  3. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    What are you using for monitors?

    Frankly, this "sub" is really just a woofer(Not even a good one of those.), to help out the impossibly small satellites. May offer no more "real" bass than your monitors do by themselves? Certainly, the accuracy of the entire system(Or any part of it) would be questionable for "critical" use, as it only cost 180 bucks... Pricey, for computer speakers, but, rather UN-pricey for monitors. And, the system very likely has no provision to be used with anything else, any other speakers - it's just a nice set of computer speakers, the kind you get so you can tell the "over 50" audiophiles that stop over, "Look, they're Klipsch!"(All shake their heads and smile...)...

    The 31hz, in the specs, is to chuckle, though. ThankYOU for that.

    All this from a person who uses the Yamaha YST MS-50's(Same thing as the Klipsch, though only 99 dollars), as "monitors"(My money-making speakers) - very nice - though ALL will be given to my 6 year old grandaugther at my earliest replacement opportunity... At the moment, I am left to determine any actual quality with my 200 dollar headphones(Not the best way, but I do little mixing, perse.)...

    Again though, what are you using for your "critical" monitors now?

  4. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    mt active alesis
  5. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    so what do ya think? i mean if i can use that sub with my monitors, i will learn how how they sound just like anyone learns how their speakers sound
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