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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by praecox, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. praecox

    praecox Guest

    hello all,

    i want to expand my sound system and buy a good but middle priced sub woofer.

    my monitors are Dunlavy SC 1 / AV.

    please recommend one

  2. yknot

    yknot Guest

    I just got a Tannoy TS12. Paided under $600 USD including shipping. Its a sealed enclosure so its got a nice gentle roll off. Plus with no ports, there is no port chuffing, when you push the volume up.

    Took a few days to break in. (I ran a 30Hz tone looped at low levels over night). And getting the right balance with my mains took a few days more.

    I am now very happy with the bass sound in my room.

    Note! I have gone to the trouble of placing bass traps in the corners and at the major room nodes. So I have a smoother sounding room then normal (in its size range)
  3. praecox

    praecox Guest


    thnx for response:)

    how big is your control room?

    mine is 15m2 (5x3)

    what do u think about TS10?

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