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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jermandubber, May 29, 2006.

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    hello everyone, ive lurked here for a bit and read threads that caught my eye, but i havent seen any questions like mine.

    im 20 years old and ever since i got into music ive tried my hardest to immerse myself in all aspects reguarding and relating to it. haha, basically ive tried to live.

    so here is my deal, i am extremely interested in recording music. my goal in life is to own a small recording studio that makes enough money for me to get by without having to stress about things.

    my problem is im finding it hard to get IN to things.

    ive downloaded a couple of different programs; cool edit, adobe audition, cubase, but other then understanding the most basic basics of it all; plug instument in, record, mess with eq for some sound quality, i am at a total loss! there are many different plug ins to use and im not sure what more then half of them do and not sure how to use most of them properly.
    (p.s. before you get mad that i downloaded these programs for free, let me explain its just untill i find a program i like and can use correctly that im not paying money for it.)

    if someone could point me towards some books or websites that are intended for people with the passion to learn, but, for the momment, complete idiots about it.

    just so you know, im more of a hands on type of learner (an internship in a studio would be great for me but right now im not able to find the time :( )but i can still learn well enough by just reading things and experimenting for myself to get it right because i care enough about it.

    thank you all for any help!
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  3. jermandubber

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    ahh, yes. thank you mud, i was looking around and saw that link in a similar topic to mine in one of the other sections.
    i checked it out a little and it looks great!

    is there maybe anything else i can use, or should that just about cover most everything? (or the basics at least, gotta start small :lol: )
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    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    1st Rule. If you're going to download, download demos. If you absolutely must do free Download freeware. Audacity, Kristal audio engine. If you even consider using cracked software, do it with the intent to purchase. Many programs already have demo versions.

    If you really want to learn the ropes, go to your local studio and slave (as in for free)yourself to them for a while.

    Finally: Read! Buy a book or two on recording. Preferedly something that is in it's third of fourth release. Reason being, you know that it is being updated and that previous editions have done well enough to merit a second and third... etcetera.

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