Suggestions on this new setup?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by cocheese, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. cocheese

    cocheese Guest

    I'm looking for suggestions on this rig that I'm putting together. Any and all opinons will be greatly apprecaited.

    I'm going to be recording mostly guitars (mainly vintage and acoustic), so I'm trying to base everything off of that.


    Lynx L-22

    Mackie 624 or Event 6

    Beta 57

    Hamptone or RNP

    I'd like to add a better mic in the future ( Royer R-121 or AEA R-84) and a better mic pre (Great River or Neve clone) as well as some kind of compressor or limiter (Distressor or 1176).

    I'm just trying to get started and let the future determine itself as I learn more about the whole computer-based recording thing.
  2. axel

    axel Guest

    i would go for the lynx,

    samplitude is fine...

    sm 57 yupp, splash out the few bucks more for the sm! (once it's in your mic collection you will always find some use for it, many years to come..! it's a lifetime investment.),

    but i would rather audition KRK rokit RP6 or RP8

    RNP is a fine unit, too

    just my two 2cents
  3. cocheese

    cocheese Guest

    Well, I went with Samp 8 Pro on a dual AMD machine. The card will be a Lynx 2-C with a Great River MP-2NV preamp. I have 2 57's, AKG 414, AT 4050, and Neumann U87 for mics. Next up are a Distressor, ribbon mic ( Royer 121/122 or AEA 84/92) as well as some good plug ins.

    Now I just have to build the studio room! :D
  4. roguescout

    roguescout Guest

    Yeah... s***.

    You seem to have a grasp on the gear.

    Now just treat the space and you are set for some sweet sounds!
  5. cocheese

    cocheese Guest

    Thanks man. I'm pretty psyched to get the thing going. It's been too long since my last recording and it feels good to have a little setup in the works. Now i'm considering putting a romm inside my garage as a small studio. It wouldn't be huge, but i could focus on quality of the materials and tuning of the room. Another project altogehter! :wink:

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