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Summing bus schematics. Anyone try?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk - Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by Taisoul, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Taisoul

    Taisoul Guest

    Sorry to bring up this summing stuff again.

    I'm curious. Has anyone attempted to build their own summing bus? The ones on the market (Dangerous 2b, Manley, Folcrum) are pricey. If you can build one for a $30 bucks why not try it. Below are some links for DIY summing mixers. I can solder a cable but Idon't know squat about building a circuit.


    The following link is too this studio in germany who builds alot of his own outboard gear. He built a beautiful 32 channel summing mixer. No schemitics but it's soo perty. He seems to feel it helped his mixes also.

  2. AD202

    AD202 Guest

    Hi Tai,

    Do a search on this site for "passive summing mixer" etc.

    You'll find what you need.


  3. Taisoul

    Taisoul Guest

    Thank you so much!!
  4. Taisoul

    Taisoul Guest


    I checked this site and realized I have some studying to do but I knew that.

    Thanks again.

    http://www.soulseeker.com :cool:
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