Summit Audio or Joemeek?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by MGP, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. MGP

    MGP Guest

    Summit Audio MPC-100A or Joemeek VC1Q. I need a good pre-amp for all recording situations and I have these two options. The Joemeek is a brand new one and the Summit Audio is used but in very good conditions.
    Wich one is the better option?
    Help me , please!!
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    I used to own the Summit MPC-100A and I still own the VC1Qcs. They really are two very different sounding units. The MPC-100A has a much better mic pre but the compressor is very limited in flexability and sucks for anything dynamic, it is also very poor it is limiting function capability. It can work ok for vocals, but it really eats the hi-end freq more so than you'd expect from a high end pro unit. The comp in the VC1Qcs works much better and is more flexable which is funny since the the Joe Meek comp has always been considered a one trick poney. I believe the MPC-100A is almost twice the price, and it sure is not twice as good. I wouldn't bother with the MPC-100A unless your talking about a killer used price.
  3. MGP

    MGP Guest

    Thanx AudioGaff,
    Actually the MPC-100A is costing about US$1700,00 (used), and I can buy the Joemeek for US$790,00. I think I´ll forget about the Summit Audio.
  4. MGP,

    Com certeza vc está pleiteando o MPC100 da Krocodille... hehe...

    São dois pres completamente diferentes... Um é Valvulado e o outro é Solid.

    Olha, o equipo que vale a pena da Summit, é
    o Element 78, desenhado pelo Rupert Neve mas custa
    os dois olhos da sua cara e da minha...

    A minha opinião é que o VC1Q soa estranho, ñ dá pra usar em todas as aplicações... É um som agressivo, ardido...

    Se eu fosse vc, procuraria outras opções, principalmente for "all recording situations" and for your day by day preamp...

    Que tal o Focusrite Trak or Voice Master ? É meio magrinho mas é baratinho e é Classe A...

    Quer mais Hi-end ? Focusrite ISA 428 4 canais Rupert Neve por 1700 doletas, ou seja, o preço do MPC100 usado !!
    (ñ vá pensar que eu sou endorser da FF !!)


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