SUMMIT AUDIO TLA100A schematic?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by OlympicPhil, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. OlympicPhil

    OlympicPhil Guest


    I have a TLA 100A in my workshop which needs repairing.
    It's blowing the main fuse about 3 seconds after switching on (probably a power supply or blown capacitor problem) but I have no schematic for it.

    Does anyone have a schematic for this unit that they could let me have a copy of?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,

    Phil Plumpton
    Technical Engineer
    Olympic Studios, EMI Studios Group
  2. OlympicPhil

    OlympicPhil Guest

    Also, the fuses inside say 1/2A

    I've never seen fuses with their ratings given as fractions before, so are they actually 2A fuses or are they just from some bizarre batch of fuses that say 1/2A meaning 500mA?
  3. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    Jun 9, 2003
    Try here:
  4. OlympicPhil

    OlympicPhil Guest

    Thanks, I've posted there too.

    Meanwhile, if anyone here can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  5. tomtom

    tomtom Guest


    I have had the same problem with one of my TLA-100
    The 1/2 A does mean 500mA. They are very hard to find in Europe, the size is odd. you need to ask Summit in the US to send you spare ones. My tech here fixed this problem replacing the fuse holders of the common smaller size.
    summit does not share their schematic. However, you should try calling M2M in Belgium (They are importingSummit products here)
    They services my 2 TLA's a few months ago. I know they what you're looking for. ask for Luc and ask him is technician's number. Tell him that Thomas Resimont gave you the info. I'm a good customer. I hope they will agree to help.

    Must be great to work at Olympic!

    Have a good day,

  6. OlympicPhil

    OlympicPhil Guest

    Thanks everyone, I now have the schematics, and have traced the problem to the 990s.

    Thanks for all your help.

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