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    The BSummit Audio DCL-200B is a dual channel compressorlimiter with stereo linking capabilities. Based on a hybrid design, the DCL-200 combines the most desirable sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes with the increased reliability of solid state devices. DCL-200 circuitry incorporates selected 12AX7A vacuum tubes with high reliability 990 op-amps in a transformerless signal path, giving you an incredibly clean, precise sound, with the overtones and warmth of tube technology.

    A mainstay of both the live sound and studio environments, the DCL-200 has helped shape the sound of countless concerts and albums with its crisp yet smooth high frequency response and the sweet low-mid and low tones you get from vacuum tubes. The DCL-200 is an extremely versatile and musical sounding compressor, a go-to piece for tracking, mixing, even mastering. The compression curve and soft knee makes the DCL-200 enhance your audio in a way that is far from sterile without being muddy or pinched.

    Key Features:

    ¤ Continuously variable attack and release times
    ¤ Adjustable threshold
    ¤ Variable slope (ratio)
    ¤ Output gain control
    ¤ Soft-knee transition characteristic
    ¤ Stereo link switch
    ¤ Dual true VU meters
    ¤ Side chain insert
    ¤ Bypass switch
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    *Hand crafted in the USA

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