sx2 and dual core compatability

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    Hi there,
    I've just upgraded my PC to a Intel core2 duo 2ghZ
    processor ..I 'm still using SX2 and was wondering....
    (should have checked first)if they are compatible ... everything is working fine but I read somewhere ...i think... that SX2 would only recognize and use 1 of the processors you know if this is true and how can I check. I just recently moved across platform from Apple/Digital Performer 3.( Been using that well for 6 years) My Mac died and I still had the PCI motu 2408 ... was too much to upgrade with Mac)
    the PCI card works fine in the new PC.
    Can't afford any serious cash for upgrades at the moment ... so would I be better off sticking with SX2 or get the new STEINBERG CUBASE SE3 ?

    I'll thank you all in advance for your time.
    Best wishes to you all David Ian Vaughan
    Soundcraft ghost.Windows XP- 2ghz Core DuO, 2gig Ram, Cubase SX2. Motu 2408mk2 and midiexpress. Akai S5000. Lexicon MPX1.Focusrite t/f and VM. TL ivory
    series stereo compressor.
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    I think it costs less for you to upgrade SX2 to SX3, than to buy a new SE3

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