SX3 effects... ready to rock, or just getting started?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by seventhwave99, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Happy festive holliday season everyone!

    So I'm making the step to Cubase SX3, and I couldn't be happier. I just need to know, how do the included effects etc.. stack up? I noticed that the EQ is integrated in the channel.. convenient, but I also read that the quality leaves a bit to be desired, and doesn't match the standards that Nuendo sets forth.

    Also there's an array of reverbs, delays etc.. from what I can see, including roomworks for reverb. Any comments on the quality in this area?

    Someone mentioned to me something about recording with one sample rate (for example 96K) and mixing down to 44.1, or any other sample rate for that matter, Cubase's algorythms aren't as good as some third party software out there.

    Bottom line, I have a critical ear and I don't want to settle, should I be looking at external plugins for these things, and if so can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    What do you think?
  3. Well I'll let you know once I make my purchase! :D I don't have the software yet, but I'd like to know if anyone reccomends any "essential" plugin bundles or anything to go along with my upgrade.

    I guess I'm just looking for some input from other Cubase users. I'm sure there are some out there who would tell me, "stick with what comes with it, its great stuff".. but I would guess that others swear by external plugin suites and whatnot. I know that I'm a huge fan of the Bomb Factory plugins for protools, they're miles ahead of the default PT stuff imho.

    I'd be interested in hearing what any current Cubase enthusiasts keep in their arsonal, and for what reasons.

    So Mr. French, I ask you the same, what do you think? :wink:
  4. axel

    axel Guest

    i second david, it's important what you think - hear...

    and if you ask my personel opinion... i hope that you want be utterly disapointed, that's at least what i am everytime i have to hear / experience a steinberg product.

    but there are thousands who sware on steinberg stuff and believe that it sounds decent...

    so you are your own judge.
  5. The DAW software is just a tool. I use SX3, and the built in plugs are usable (I have friends who make decent mixes with them), but I use 2 UAD1 cards, which are head and shoulders above native, in my opinion only of course.
    The concensus seems to be that Logic has better built in plugs, but if you can't do a half decent mix with Cubases built in plugs, the problem probably lies elsewhere ;)
  6. BobYordan

    BobYordan Guest


    I am also a SX user since a couple of years back. :)

    I have never got any friendly with the built in eq, so I mostly use it to cut
    away bass on synths/pad/guitars etc to make more room for kick, bass etc.

    I used the small reverbs A & B earlier, but not anymore.

    Otherwise most of the add on effects are useful, IMHO.

    I do use UAD more than the Steinberg plugs, though. :D

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