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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by evhwanabe, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I did some searching and didn't really find anything that matched my setup/problem. I was using an 828 along with a Mackie CFX-20 for the pres/monitoring for the longest time, until recently I upgraded my computer to a home built. I also upgraded my interface to a Motu 2408 mkIII PCIe and removed the mixer from the equation. I picked up a used Focusrite Octopre and installed the digital card. My signal chain is as follows: Octopre > 2408 > PC running Sonar 6 producer. Existing projects are 44k/16bit.

    I have the 2408 set to internal clock, and the Octopre set to external clock. The only connection between the two is the ADAT lightpipe (no BNC).

    Into the 2408's analog inputs are a PODxt, Yamaha Keyboard, Roland TD3, and a DBX pre/compressor. The keyboard, and TD3 are also connected to the computer with a midiman midisport 2X2 midi interface.

    My problem is I am noticing a slight delay when I record and playback anything on the TD3. If I lay an audio drum track down, it is approx 2000 samples off the original track. Not sure if this is a latency issue but the lowest latency I can obtain with WDM is about 23.3 ms (which seems high to me). I can only notice this offset when working with drum tracks, but it could be the same case when working with vocals/guitars (i just can't notice it lol)

    Sonar allows me to manually spec an offset for any incoming recorded audio, and this seems to have solved most of my problem, but I am wondering if a product such as the Motu Midi timepiece would help at all. I am a newbie when it comes to word clocks and all that stuff, so any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Have you contacted MOTU or their webpage for support? Support was something that you considered before you spent your money right?

    I don't know the specifics of the MOTU stuff, but if it does not have, and/or you are not using it's zero latency monitoring feature, then problematic latency may be unavoidable. You likely had a a zero monitoring capability when you had the analog mixer in the setup.

    23ms can be rough to deal with when you don't have zero latency monitoring capability. ASIO drivers usually out perform WDM drivers. If you have ASIO drivers, try them. If there are MOTU driver updates, make sure you give them a try with a restore point so you can go back if they don't make things better.

    Proper clocking can be tricky when you have more than a few components. Like all problems, break it down to the most basic component or components and build back up checking each and inbetween each stage along the way.
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    Thanks for the reply. Motu has zero latency monitoring capabilties with their Cuemix feature, and yes I am using it. That is how I first noticed the offset to begin with.......while sending midi back out to the TD3, the pre recorded drum dracks and the playback coming from the TD3 were not lined up. This does seem tough to nail down, and could be any number of things, like my midi cable length, audio cables, blah blah blah. I guess it is more something I need to be aware of then anything. Now that I have specified the offset in Sonar, everything seems to be working pretty good, and have not noticed any sync issues. I guess my question was, would a all in one unit like the miditimepiece work better in my situation? Right now my midi interface just lays on the floor, and besides being hooked up by usb, I don't really see how it can be in sync with anything. Maybe sonar handles all of this, and I just don't realize it lol. I guess I will check out sonar some more and see if there is a midi latency type setting or adjustment.
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    I have a Digi002 synced with an octopre. They recommended setting the 002 to external (Octo internal of course). Have you tried that?
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    hmmm no that is not how I have it set up. Right now the Motu 2408 is set to internal, and the Octopre set to external. I will try that, and see what happens, however I originally noticed the delay with something connected directly to an audio input of the motu, so the Octopre isn't really in the picture, unless they are fighting some how lol.


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