Sync problems after pause in Audition1.0

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by HarryEvan, Apr 24, 2005.

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    I'm using Audition 1.0 on an Athlon with an Echo Audio GINA 24 card. I've got an old Mackie CR-1604 with the first eight tracks going to an ADAT LX-20 (as a front end and meter bridge) then light pipe to the card. I'm recording the eight tracks into Audition with each tarck going to the left or right of four devices. I use this to record auditions and rehearsals - just hit record and play until somebody needs a break.

    Everything is going fine, until I hit pause for a phone call. When I hit pause again for another few songs, each pair of devices is out of time with each other, i.e. 1 left and right are in sync, but not with 2L&R, 3L&R or 4L&R. There's no click track or SMPTE track to resync to. Any ideas how I can pull this back together, or just avoid the pause from here on out?

    And is there ANY easy way of saving a session and all the tracks without having to acknowledge the name of each and every tracK?


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