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Discussion in 'Computing' started by synergy, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. synergy

    synergy Guest

    hi all,

    i'm currently looking to sync a dv-cam or vtr frameaccurate to a daw (nuendo). i already posted this to the official nuendo-forum, but so far got no reply. while i was looking for a affordable dv-vtr which is sony 9-pin-compatible, i stumbled over this-so is my problem solved (my dv-cam is from sony and supports lanc)?![/ URL]

    "Description top
    LANC (Local Application Control) is a Sony standard which communicates bidirectional machine control, time code and status data on a 2.5 mm miniatur jack to jack connection. Sony as well as Canon DV-Camcorders and VTRs have the LANC port. The LIF lanc interface converts the embedded time code into LTC and MTC simultaneously and also translates MMC or Sony P2 into LANC. "Batch digitizing" with non linear video editing systems (Avid Media Composer, Fast 601, Tektronix Lightworks) can be performed direct from a DV-Camcorder or VTR. A digital audio workstation (as Digidesign ProTools, Steinberg Nuendo, Soundscape R.Ed) can control the DV transport via MMC (midi machine control) and synchronize to the feed MTC. The LIF outputs LTC & MTC in normal play operation and outputs MTC full messages & LTC bursts during jog / shuttle. This allows to cue up slaved tape transports and HD recorders for frame accurate spotting. The VTR can be controlled manually or remoted by MMC (midi machine control) or Sony RS-422 Controllers. The digital audio tracks of DV-VTRs are free for audio recording, because no LTC time code track is necessary. The interface has a robust aluminium housing, a large 7-segment LED display and a built-in power supply. An optional rackmount kit for fitting the unit into a 19" rack is also available."

    do i need an additional wordclock also, or would the lif alone be enough?

    any comments from experienced users are very appreciated!

    thx :w:
  2. knightfly

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    Jan 18, 2002
    The LIF will get you synced up as far as Video is concerned, depending on what other components in your studio use/need/put out word clock. Audio word clock is a totally different signal than Video sync. The LIF will give you the Midi equivalent of SMPTE time code (MTC)as well as true SMPTE (LTC) It isn't able to sync to or output composite video, nor does it do anything with audio Word Clock. Its MTC output needs to get to your software somehow, which would require a MIDI interface. If you need to also generate word clock for multiple digital audio devices in your studio, then the Rosendahl Nanosyncs would be one of the best ways to do this. The jitter from the Nanosyncs rivals the best clocks in the industry, and the Nanosync is the only clock I've seen in its price range (about $1250) that can be configured without option boards to sync to and output Video Black burst, as well as have each of its 6 BNC word clock outputs separately configurable for either normal, high, or superclock. This can really come in handy as your studio expands - for example, ProTools hardware usually wants superclock, while Tascam's DM-24 mixer wants normal rate Word Clock even when working at 88.2 or 96k sample rates. Still other gear may want 96k clock when working at 96k.

    It may help if you list ALL the gear you intend to use, both hard and software, and exactly what you intend to do with it... Steve

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