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  1. Hi everyone, I've been scanning these boards for a few weeks and found some great tips from other peoples posts, but up until now I haven't posted anything. I'm hoping some of the more intermediate to advanced audio guys out there (specifically those who mix well) could help me out with this one.

    I've composed 3 or 4 songs in Reason that I feel are pretty good. I've bounced the individual tracks down to audio and dropped them in Pro Tools for mixing. My goal is to take some of the synth sounds I've created, expand them, and make them huge. Unfortunately like most people out there I'm working under a budget. My plugin selection is pretty slim to nil right now. I bought the G4 Powerbook about a few months back and that set me back a little on cash, so right now I'm saving up until I can afford something worthwhile. I just ordered the VST to RTAS adapter from FXpansion in hopes that some of the free VST plugins out there will help get me closer to my goal.

    I'm admittedly still a beginner when it comes to mixing. I know there are tricks you can do with delay to place your sounds where you want them in the mix, I just dont know what they are!

    I've used some of Reason's plugins, but I wouldn't think about mixing in Reason, it's just not made for that. I guess my ultimate goal is to be able to get a BIG sound. Some good examples of CD's that fall into this category for me are: BT's Emotional Technology and DJ Sammy's Heaven. I'm aware that BT used a lot of Granular synthesis on that album and the elusive program Kyma, unfortnately I don't have Kyma at my disposal, nor half of the plugins these guys are working with.

    The arrangements are good, I just need some direction on maybe what plugins to buy next, and maybe some techniques on mixing electronic music in Pro Tools. I need a good reverb and have considered buying a Lexicon unit for Reverb processing. I think this would be a good investment because you can always use a good reverb. :D I've also considered buying True Verb by Wave' because I've used it in the past and like the way it sounds. I realize mixing is an art in itself and I'm anxious to learn. I just need some direction.
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    I meant to post this in the Digital Audio Recording forum, instead it wound up in the DAW's. Feel free to move this post as you see fit.
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