system on a £1500 ($2600) 'budget'

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    I would like to buy/build a system based around my existing cubase sx3 and m-audio 24/96 and korg trinity. it is intended for home recording and mixing. any suggestions? what do you guys think is reasonable?

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    I'm digging the dual core AMD chips and socket 939 motherboards. Max out the memory and get 3 hard drives SATA unless you want to go SCSI. Find a video card with multiple outputs. A good power supply too.

    Then just find a quiet case and fans and you are basically ready to rock.

    RYONJAY Guest

    cheers pr0gr4m
    is the carillon ac1 a good option to be looking at?
  4. Azidjunky

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    id spend 1500$ of that on the machine and would get me some neat mic for the rest. (except you have to buy new monitors)
    id like to add that you should watch out if the SATA harddrives have a real SATA architecture not an IDE that just have a sata jack...

    my 2cents

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