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  1. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    i have always wanted to have the chance to try out tracks mastering plug in . all i hear about this plug in are highly praised reviews but only in magazines but never in person . does any one hear have experience with this product. and if so would you go out and say their is no more use for other analog gear. just how powerful is this software?
    thanks in advance .
  2. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    t-racks does NOT in any way compare to good analog outboard.....

    it is rally nice for home demo use..... but not for anything pro.....
  3. axel

    axel Guest

    i second that,
    and also you will get even far better results using a prog like peak, waveburner, soundforge or samplitude and some really decent plugs, assuming that you know what you are doing and able to make full use of the prog, then no real need to splash the money on T-Racks, i guess the only advantage is that it is full of presets, but the results are just like that...
  4. JonnyMumra

    JonnyMumra Guest

    i think when it came out it was one of the better all in one mastering plugs but there are certainly better alternatives.
    Also ive yet to come accross any all in ones that better a carefully selected chain of plugins.

    If you would like some help mastering i would be more than happy to master a song or 2 for you pro bono.

    If you would like to give it a go yourself then get the mastering bundle
    from Voxengo.
    Probably the same price as T-Racks but double the quality.
    Then run over to here
    and get a free mastering plug.
    Take my word for it.
    Then go to KVR and donate 20 bucks for the plugin and the designer David will give you a lifetime of upgrades free.

  5. i gothe matering plug in, and it def is analoug gera. you have to be very careful with what you're doing or you will be buying new monitors due to the old ones blown the ^#$% out
  6. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    "i gothe matering plug in, and it def is analoug gera."

  7. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

  8. hhaaha sorry about the sloppy hands, i was trying to type fast so my boss wouldnt see me on this board....
  9. iznogood

    iznogood Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    i figured that out :lol: but what were you trying to say??
  10. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    i laughed but are you saying this is definatly analog gear as in t-racks???? ?
  11. Chance

    Chance Guest

    I have used the T-racks analog modeled mastering plugins with good results. For my hi-end projects, certainly, they get sent out to get mastered with unbiased fresh ears, pro gear, and a pro facility. For my lo-budget projects, I have found T-racks to work well. It takes a while to get in tune with the plugin, to learn how to use it. I use T-racks with Tracktion and with Peak.

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