TAB/Telefunken/ Neumann V72 or 76

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by John Stafford, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2004

    I'm just wondering what people here think of these. i haven't tried one, and I'm afraid to buy one on spec given that it might be in a terrible condition.

    Are they worthy of the hype? I know some people think they're the ultimate pres. I'm also curious about the later SS versions of the 76 for vocals.

    Many thanks

    John Stafford
  2. Marcus Black

    Marcus Black Guest

    Very nice pres. They sound full, smooth and open. Since they're vintage, of course it needs to be serviced and up to spec to perform well. This is what they say about the V76 at http:// (German dealer who sells a lot of them since there of course is quite a lot of them in Germany):

    "The ultimate, the "Rolls-Royce" of tube mic preamps.
    The V76 was designed by the Insitut für Rundfunktechnik and built from 1958 basically by TAB/Germany (Tonographie Apparatebau, Wuppertal/Eberfeld). Engineering standard and technical quality at this time was so high, that it would be impossible to build this preamp today for its current market price.
    The V76 was designed for applications where the "standard" V72 could not provide enough gain (ie for dynamic mics) and where it was essential to have a switchable variety of gain steps plus some selectable high and low frequency pre filtering. The circuit of the gain selector works in a quite unique way of combining variable input attenuation and variable feedback. This results in very good noise figures at all gain settings."

    These you can actually still find for bargain-prices if you're lucky since some people selling them don't really know what they have. Good luck, you won´t be disappointed.
  3. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    Hi Marcus
    Thank you for your reply. It is possible to get one of these on German ebay, so the whole world doesn't get the chance to bid on one. I've found quite a few bargains that way. Doh! There goes my little secret :evil:

    The only thing that's keeping me from getting one is the fear that it might be beyond repair. I suppose it's worth the risk though, although I don't fancy having to replace transformers and such.

    Many thanks
    John Stafford
  4. nala

    nala Guest

    I can tell you that the Telefunken V76's were used in the REDD 36 console at Abbey Road Studios 1964 -1970 where the Beatles did about 85% of their work. The vintage models sometimes come in all states of dis-repair! So be careful.

    Check out Oliver Archut over at TAB Funkenwerk in Gaylord, Kansas. He builds the new TAB Funkenwerk line: V78 and V72S as well as a DI box...plans on delivering a TAB U73 compressor soon.

    He also does custom replacement transformer work and other refurbs on vintage TAB, Telefunken, Seimans & Neumann stuff. He actually winds the new transformers to original specs off of the Telefunken ELA transformer blueprints he rescued from the paper shredder when AEG-Telefunken/AEG-Daimler Benz closed their ELA division in the early 1990's where he used to work. Check his site out at:

    A new V78 is a mono tube pre and runs about $900 street. Mercenary Audio distributes them but you can buy direct from Oliver. Believe me, this guy knows more about Telefunken stuff than just about anyone on this planet.

    He just ran a forum over at the ProSoundWeb Forums as last months Guest Moderator on vintage equipment (it's still up). He knows his $*^t! Interesting thing about the V78 is that he changed up his usual modus operendi and built these with a new twist to get the price point down a bit!

    Read this little blurb about them that I found at Mercenary:
    The TAB-funkenwerk V-78 is a general purpose amplifier that just happens to have about 3 times the headroom of most "vintage" mic-preamplifiers, like it's historic predecessor. TAB-funkenwerk redesigned the historic V78 and modernized this classic design. While they moved a bit away from the classic design by using modern construction techniques like printed circuit boards, they received exceptionally positive feedback on their approach to PC board design, especially from hard core believers in "point to point wiring purists". This allowed TAB-funkenwerk to build a modern and affordable, as well as reliable and wonderful sounding mic pre for studios on a budget (while of course being faithful to the classic TAB "V series" sound).

    The V72S models he makes are still point to point like the originals were just so you know. The V78 sounds GREAT!!!! My friend bought one a little while back and he's in love with it. They do have plenty of headroom to spare and sound big and wonderful to me. I plan on getting a couple of them very soon for the price along with the U73 compressor when he finally releases it! Allthough. . .The V72S is a dead-serious dual preamp
    that's right up there with the other big boys for sure.

    Also: Telefunken USA in Conneticut is remaking mics again. . . remake/replicas of their famous line. Needless to say. . . they ain't cheap!


  5. nala

    nala Guest

    John. . . . A little more info for you about the Telefunken pres. . .

    Here's a place where you can get the real deal (racked) for a reasonable price in case you're interested. I would be real careful on the auctions?
    You never know what condition they are in and if racked....who knows what kind of Frankenstein mods have been done to them? try this place can't go wrong! All guaranteed. . .

    The V72's and V76's are Amazing preamps. . . .



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