Taming vocalz

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by phanatik, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. phanatik

    phanatik Guest

    this is part of another post... when reading this. take in mind Im speaking not just dynamics but also distance and vocal changing from moving away from mic.

    We have a home studio. Nuthin @ all fancy. We do hip-hop so theres no live(recording). All sounds are either samples or keyboards. We built a mic booth. bout the size of an average bathroom. Audio Technica 4033a and that goes directly into our Digidesign Digi 002. i record 2 tracks @ at time of vocalz....
    1.) straight thru(direct) dry
    2.) that direct(1.) in/from a RNC compressor 2:1

    ...so its mic -> in ch. 4 recorded dry out ch. 3 -> RNC -> in ch. 3 ->

    daisy chain recording

    thats said , the vocalists never stays n the same area. so I can hear n the recording the imbalances(movement). Cant really afford anything bttr @ this time(mic/mic,etc.). Just wanna improve on this and get the best recording we can w/ what we have. So the dynamics is somewhat... dynamic, given emotion.

    I also mix w/ Waves RenComp on the RNC recorded track. I dnt use the dry. and even after mixin, It still seems ... non balanced. What do u think i can do 2 tame?
    Should I compress more like some1 said 2 me b4? Should I use a limiter on each individual track 2 keep them n check;(aftrt compression)?

    What do u guyz think would b best, given the info i just gave?

  2. yan_b

    yan_b Guest

    the best approach will probably be taking care of the source, ie the singer.

    botox injection to the legs might take care of the problem but limiting his movment space wisely, such as putting a chair behind him (even if he stands) or other furnitures etc...
    catch his attention to the mic area (lyrics, models pictures on the wall ?)

    you can also try to empahsis the high vocal area in the cans, high frequencys tend to be afected the most from moving around, the singer might notice this and will stop moving.

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