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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by mayo, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. mayo

    mayo Guest

    What is your take on the Tannoy active reveal monitors? I did a search and no one seemed to speak of these. Maybe I over looked the threads.
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    I have not heard these speakers. However I do like Tannoy speakers. A well respected manufacturer. I am replying to this to give the thread a "bump" to the top of the active topics list. Perhaps someone will respond this time ... Fats
  3. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    New Jersey (right outside the Big Apple!)
    Home Page:
    There was a discussion about these in the Cubase forums recently and a number of people swore by them. I personally use an old pair of Tannoy PB6's. Also, my friend uses a pair of Reveal Actives in his office (I forgot what he's using in his main studio) and another pair in his home studio.
  4. I like them very much
    I have the complete set in my studio with subb and center speakers!
    They sound great & they are affordable.
    I even play guitar trough them when im not recording or mixing.
    So my conclusion good standard for good price.
  5. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    I don't have the actives, but the passives are really nice sounding. The sheets claim 60Hz as the active's low end, whereas mine (I think) are rated as going down to 65--but that's not much of a difference.

    They are smooth, and they don't have that cheap sounding lo-mid boxiness that quite a few small, inexpensive near-fields seem to have.

    They have a nice stereo image. Sometimes I think they're pretty transparent. Other times I think that the Reveals might sound a bit too good.

    I could only imagine the actives improving on these strong points with dedicated, "engineered for" self-amplification.

    My main thing is that they don't go very low, but what can you expect for a 6" woofer? They go lower than my NS-10's (7" and specs notwithstanding) so, it has worked for me, thus far.

    Good luck-
  6. DoSumthin

    DoSumthin Guest

    I have the Tannoy Active Reveals in my home studio and I've found them to be very smooth and easy on the ears. They're not bass heavy like some of the other near fields in their price range. For me, they give me a true interpertation of my mix. Not what I think it sounds like but the truth! After "learning" the way they respond in your room, (comparing them to your favorite or least favorite cd :) ) You should be able to get your mixes to sound good on any system. I have!
  7. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    Comparing them (passives) to my NS-200Ma's (just got em) I think the Reveals' lo-mid and bass is flabby, though it's definitely there.

    I still like em though, and I've mixed on them for almost 1.5 years.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Prolab

    Prolab Guest

    Flabby. LOL!!!

    You got me laughing MV!

    How are the NS200ma's panning out?

    I would have posted the picture of the level controls but my sandisk adapter is "somewhere" just remodeling and it got "put away"..I will find it tonight..
  9. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    What's so funny Bill? Flabby. I dunno, it's the feeling I got. :p

    The 200's are great. Chaeck the "I got my 200's" thread for my impressions.

    I also PM'd you about something else rlated.

  10. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Jun 29, 2001
    I giggled because I would have loved to see your face when you got them set-up and started listening to music!

    Now, the real shocker. NS1000's.

    I have to admit, the 200's retain 85% of the qualities of the NS1000. They will serve you well.

    Now, the 200M and the 200MA.

    Completely different midrange, different woofer, different crossover, different Lpads different input termainals.

    OF the two speakers, I believe the 200MA to be the better units. IF you are going to Bid on those parts, let me know. I have one set of 200M components complete for one speaker and my plan is to build 3 more NS200M's total(3 200M's and 2 200MA's) for my 6 channel system. I need to use one pair of 200N's for the center channel enclosure between the NS1000M's and the other would be for the center rear and the MA's for the L/R Rear. This goal may not be possable right now...but could be. I am doing some horse trading to see.

    Lets discuss those L-Pads.

    For the most accurate response, they need to be right at zero.

    Here is the rundown.

    Turn both controls all the way off.

    On the tweeter control, put a DOT where the **hour hand** is at 6:15 O'Clock. Get a clock and look at it. This is the angle for the control for the zero dot on the tweeter. Flat is set when the Dot is strait up at 12 o'clock. All the way up is at 3:30 O clock.

    Now the mids are different!

    All the way off on the Mid is 5:30 O Clock!

    12:00 is Normal or Flat

    Set each control doing this to actually reach flat. This will solve your 2 dB problem I bet. Put the DOT on the rotary knob, pay no attention to the coin slot as the knobs could have been pushed on different.

    The proper balance is this way. Both the Mid and the tweeter are more effecient than the woofer and theirfore are made to turn up beyond flat for far field listening in a dead room.


    It would take (8) 0.5 percent non inductive resistors to do it right and then it may never have any adjustment at all!

    Now, get use to it that way.

    Hit me back, I want to see how far yours are off.

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