tannoy precision 8D monitors - using the spdif ins good/bad?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by lastounce, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. lastounce

    lastounce Guest

    I'm on a digi002 and I'm looking to upgrade my monitors. I figured there was no point in buying really expensive monitors without getting a better DA converter than hte 002's - then I saw the tannoy precision monitors that you can just hook up right into the SPDIF of the 002. will this improve sound greatly (compared to say, same tannoy monitors through the 002's DA or an external da) anyone?
  2. agent002

    agent002 Guest

    I don't have the Tannoy monitors, but I do have a set of Roland DS-90s hooked to a 002 through both analog and the SPDIF. I don't notice a big difference between the two, other than a minor hum in analog mode from one monitor, but I suspect that is more of a cable problem than anything else. Most of the time I actually leave the analog hooked up because I can't seem to get Wavedriver to output to the digital.

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