Tannoy system 800A monitors

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by C9productions, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. hey what do you all think of these monitors for a hiphop/R&B studio?
    i've only used them once but they worked out great for me.
    i''m setting a budget of 1500 to get some new monitors.

    right now i've been looking at the tonnoy's and......
    Event asp8's( best dynamics i've ever heard plus some other things)

    Blue sky system2.1 (great setup with the 6.5's.. i've used the combo before and liked it)

    Adam p22-a(hear nothing but great things about them)

    Hafler TRM8 (i've used them and liked them)

    JBL LSR6328P (i haven't used them before nor have i seen a review:roll: )
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    From your list and music style, I'd likely think that either the ADAM or the JBL would be the better of the bunch. The buzz about the ADAM monitors is real and worthy but the P22 might be too wimpy for hop. The new redesigned JBL is a powerful contender. You really need to take some of your CD's to a music store and listen to these to get a better idea of what your looking for.
  3. i don't know any places that stock the monitors.. atlanta pro audio(main place i deal with) can get them but they don't stock the adam's or the jbl..s. the jbl's seem very powerful and full of low end. low end isn't a main thing b/c i am getting a subwoofer..
    i know the event asp8's and my ears love each other..
    i really wanna hear the adam p22, or even the p11's but i just saw that i can't afford them.. they're 1300 each.. i thought they were 1300 for the pair..

    does anyone have any comments on the JBL LSR6328P Vs the event asp8

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