Tape Emulation vs Tape


Oct 25, 2000
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John A said:
I bought a Pro Tools system after working 15 years with a board and tape machine. As mixerman has said, Pro Tools proved to be a sonic compromise for me, so I have partnered up with a fellow and now we got the rig hooked to a Neotek Elite and some good outboard with Apogee D/A.
Now we are looking at getting a tape machine also, but before we do, we are looking to see if there is any digital emulation that will sound good enough. Two individuals online have said that the best tape emulation is ironically included with Cubase 32, True Tape. Has anyone tried using Cubase32/TrueTape as their digital tape machine, and then ran each channel out to a board? Would this sound better then recording straight to PT with no emulation?
The reason I ask this here instead of the DAW forum is because I would really like to hear from guys who actually know what a Studer sounds like and could tell me what tape emulation sounds good and what sucks. thanks

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May 25, 2005
I don't have a Studer or an Otari but I have a Tandberg Model 12 I dearly love and use and I track in both worlds - tape and DAW. I love how they sound together.

In my opinion, you can emulate WOW and Flutter but you can't emulate electronics, wiring, transformers or tubes.