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  1. I have recently aquired a tascam 24 track set up. the gear is an m3700 desk, a msr 24s analog tape machine and a rack with looms and a bantam jackfield with a tascam headphone amp rack. I haven't plugged it all in yet to see what its running order is yet, and I haven't any manuals for any of the gear. The desk would be useful. I also got 4 new Ampex 456 reels and about 15 used ones. What sort of life should I expect from the tape?
    What are the things that I should look out for maintenance wise?
    I don't know how much I should have paid for this gear, but I'm sure I shall upset you all by telling you that I happened to be at the right place at the right time, and got it all for nothing!
    Any other users info would be much appreciated.
    I'm intending to record mainly acoustic type of instruments and large multi vocal tracks. So big full on bands with heavy tape saturation should'nt be an issue.
    If I come across any more free gear I shall pass it on to other forumites. I also got some Quad 303 amps plus 33 pre-amps that I was thinking of using as reference amps. Are these any good for me to use?
    Thanks for any help, Dave

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