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  1. Revs

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    Hi everyone!!!

    I bought a Tascam 788 DAW a few years ago while on holiday in the UK(I'm from Cape Town South Africa BTW 8) )

    I didnt buy the cd writer etc. with the unit as I didnt have the extra cash at the time. The unit hasnt been used for a while and in the meantime,according to the very helpful guys at Tascam, has been discontinued and together with the cd writer, is obviously no longer available.

    I got a bit worried and at the same time annoyed that I hadnt purchased it sooner but went and read up a few things in the manual and did some research on the net to try and find a way around the problem(the Tascam guys say that no other cd writer unit is compatable with the 788)

    Could I not use the cd writer in my PC? I've got a Maya 1010 soundcard and will be using Cubase on my PC.

    I've looked on ebay aswell and obviously the cd writers are usually only sold together with the 788 and do not ship to South Africa or out of the USA :(

    Can anyone help me find a way around this???
  2. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Been looking at the unit, it indicates it has both SPDIF & SCSI connectivity. So, you should be able to still generate a mix & feed it out digitally to the digital input on your sound card in SPDIF. Or, you could actually feed each individual track out the digital port, in real-time, to transfer into your computer software via your digital audio input on your sound card. If you don't have a digital audio input? You'd be stuck without being able to digitally dump the internal drive contents to an external drive. But if it has a SCSI connection, it might be able to directly interconnect with a computer that has a SCSI port? Then it would be a snap. Of course you'll have to use the CD cutter in your computer if they can't supply you with one.

    Good luck
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. Revs

    Revs Guest

    Ausum! Thanks Remy!
    There is in fact a digital audio input on my soundcard so I will give that a go. I thought I mite be able to do that,but wasnt 100% sure :D

    Thanks for the help :cool:
  4. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    To use the SCSI connection for transferring the audio files, you would need to get hold of an external SCSI disk drive and a corresponding SCSI interface for your computer. Connecting the SCSI port on the 788 directly to a SCSI port on the computer will not work.

    Alternatively, you can use the S/PDIF output on the 788 for a real-time transfer to an S/PDIF input on your computer. In terms of software, a simple audio capture program such as Audacity would be all you need, and then use it to write .wav files to the computer's hard disk.

    Once you have the .wav files transferred by either means, use a standard CD burning program such as Nero.
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