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  1. Enda Reilly

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    I'm thinking about buying the 788 and really don't have any experience with multitracks. If anyone has anywords of advice about the 788 in particular or generally, it would be much appreciated.Thank you.
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    I tested the unit out when it first came out and it was pretty cool...a little confusing at first but hey, that comes with any territory...once you get used to it your flying along. Granted it's not something I would use since I'm a complete computer geek and love graphical editing and so forth...the more visual for me the better.
    The 788 has a great sound to it, cool fx included and the ability to hook up SCSI drives or CDRW's to it.
    Flexibility is the key and Tascam has nailed that down for sure. You cant go wrong with Tascam products to be honest. They've been in the biz long enough to know how to truly design something right..especially transports!
    You might want to head on over to the 788 forums on the Tascam site for some feedback on from users

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