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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Will Scott, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. Will Scott

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    Greetings. I'm new to the list, but please tolerate a couple basics questions. . .

    I do my home recording on a Tascam Porta 07 (yeah, a few years old). Its worked fine for my home songwriting, etc. and I've relied on professional studios for higher quality recording of my CDs and the like.

    Recently, however, I made a home recording tape for some of my friends (and to help put $ together for my next CD project). That tape has gotten around and generated some interest from a few industry folks who want copies of some songs from the tape, on CD.

    My problem is figuring out the best way to get it from the analog master (or 4-track) to CD, quickly, effectively, and cheaply. Do I just need to plug into someones soundcard? Does the signal need to be amplified. Will I need specific software to do this? What is the overall process?

    I realize that these questions are likely tedious and simple. But, if someone has time to post some basic answers (or send them to my personal e-mail) or direct me to a good site, it would be a big help. I've not found the basic information easy to locate on the web.

    Humbly and with many advanced thanks,

  2. subspace

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    This probably isn't the answer your looking for, but how about calling a local studio and asking them if they could record the output of your 4-track to digital and burn you a reference CD? It probably would be the cheapest method and give the best results. HTH
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    You've got a multitude of options as far as sound cards go...try to pick up something of good audio quality. Check out the Dakota or WaveCenter card, or the MidiMan stuff....for a decent quality 2 or 4 in card, there are so many choices it's hard to say where to start.

    If you're using the 2 track masters (saves the trouble of remixing the 4 tracks), something like Sound Forge or Wavelab would do the trick.

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