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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by twotears, Jul 7, 2007.

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    I have a Tascam DP-01 from the US. I live in Dubai and have bought a transformer which worked for one day. Today I bought a AC/DC adaptor for 220 voltage. It powers on, but asks me to wait.......then nothing. I am going crazy! Any advice/suggestions? PLEASE!!!!!!
  2. casper

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    It would be best to take it back to the store if possible. According to the specs the adapter for the DP-01 should be capable of input 100-250VAC 50/60Hz so it should not have been a problem to plug it in to the wall. Unless the AC power in that region is not regulated very well. The transformer you bought needs to put out 12vdc and at least 2.5A.

    From what you describe, it is possible that the external power supply may not be putting out enough current or voltage to properly turn on the DP-01. This can be checked by you or an electronics service center by probing the output power jack from the DP-01 AC adapterwith a DVM. According to to the Spec it should be output 12Vdc @ 2.5A. The manual shows center positive outside jack negative.

    Another thing they could try at the service center is to run the adapter from a stepdown transformer from 220 to 110VAC/60Hz and see if the DP-01 works.

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