Tascam MS-16 or MSR-24

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by ozzie, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. ozzie

    ozzie Guest

    I'm planning on buying an analog machine and have been offered a Tascam MS-16 and a Tascam MSR-24. What would be the best buy, assuming they're both in good condition?

    The MS-16 is SEK14,000 - appr. USD1,800.
    The MSR-24 is SEK17,000 - appr. USD2,200.

    /Oscar, Stockholm
  2. ozzie

    ozzie Guest

    forgot to mention that I mostly recorde reggae and other bassheavy music, if it has any relevance to choosing machine.
  3. Magic

    Magic Guest

    Hey Ozzie,
    If I were buying one of those machines, It would be the MS-16. The MS-16 is a 1" machine, and to my ears it gives a richer sound than the MSR-24. But you have to decide if you are willing to go with 16 tracks over 24. If we were talking about digital, It might not matter as much. But since we're talking about anolog.., with bouncing and all, It might be a concideration :wink: . However, They are both good machines IMHO.., As long as they are in good shape, mind you. Check the head life on them.., and unless you're pressed for time, shop around a bit. You might be able to find a better price.., or not :wink: I'm out...

    With Respect & Honor,
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    These machines are what would be called "narrow guage", ... IMO, it depends on a couple of things ... Initally I prefer the 16 track bucause of the bigger tape. Fatter sound, more dynamic range and better S/N ratio ... however 1" tape is becoming hard to find in some cases ... and the larger 1" machine will require more maintenance. Moving heavy reels is tough on transports.

    Both machines use DBX NR except there are some Dolby S MSR24s... Is the 24 track a MSR24S? I like the Dolby much better than DBX but in many situations you should be able to bypass the NR on the 1" machine ... the 1/2" machine is unuseable without the NR.
  5. ozzie

    ozzie Guest

    But the MSR-24 is 1" as well, right?
    Anyways, I'm leaning towards the MS-16, because of the track width and it seems to be a sturdier construction. Also, I don't think I need more than 16 tracks. I mean, I can put some tracks on my PC and sync it to the machine.

    Thanks for your answers, made me more convinced.
  6. Cannibal

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    those machines are way over priced IHMO... if your patient you can find a decent MCI 16 track 2 inch for $2000.. hell ive seen MX80's under 10k hours selling in that price range.

    those 1 inch machines should be under $1k
  7. Magic

    Magic Guest


    I found that to be true also, Kurt. And those machines do require more maintenance, no doubt.., I, personally don't have the patience for them.., but they sure do sound good.., If you like anologue. I've become quite a digital head myself :wink:.
    Agreed Kurt :) .
    I completely agree with you cannibal. That's why I wrote;
    I bet you can find a better price on eBay or something :wink: . Ultimately, whatever you end up with, I'm sure it will be right for you.., and in the end, that's what really matters :) . I'm out...

    Always With Respect & Honor,
  8. AudioGaff

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    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Having owned an MS-16 I call tell you it is a great budget machine and I fell it is a better machine than the MSR-24 in both sound and hardware. But, it is what it is and it is still a great big step down from any 2" machine.
  9. Magic

    Magic Guest

    Agreed! :wink:

    With Respect & Honor,

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