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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by CollinStore, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I'm having some strange issues with a MS16 that I just purchased. The problem I'm encountering happens when I'm trying to do overdubs and punches on tracks basic tracks that were all recorded in one pass. When I go to do overdubs I monitor off of the sync head (as opposed to the repro head) as the manual suggests. However, when I do this, all of the previously recorded material seems to be out of time with itself. With one track slightly delayed from the other so that it sounds like a horrible jumbled mess and is impossible to play along with.

    If I use the repro head to monitor the playback, all the material is totally in time with itself. However, if I monitor off the repro head to overdub the overdubbed material will play back delayed from the original material. Am I doinfg something wrong or is there something wrong with my machine? I am rather new to analog tape machines so I'm hoping that this is just a rookie mistake on my part.

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    You have to overdub and monitor off the sync head. There is no reason whatso ever that anything should be out of sync when you use either the repro or synec head.. unless some tracks are not switching.
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    :D Old analog geezer here, and former tascam fan. disable any record ready switches.

    Test the sync of all good tracks placed in the sync position, they should line right up, just won't sound as clean, except for your bum track, don't listen to that one. Now, you recorded tracks, and you want to cut another track (overdub) in sync. All the tracks that you want to monitor need to be in the sync position. Do not listen to any track on the repro head at this point. You monitor your new track along with the tracks on the sync head. Which in reality is working as a record and play head. It is playing your existing tracks, and recording your new track in line with the others. The record ready switch should be set only for the new track(s) you want to lay down.

    The only other causes, if you are doing what I said, is bad reed switches as a possible, or your heads were wired incorrectly. Another possible is your monitor mix is bleeding track(s) NOT selected for sync into the input of the new track.

    Some boards do not have dedicated tape returns, so setting up your mixer, you have to be careful not to monitor the wrong source.

    A dedicated tape in provides a seperate monitor section for off tape.

    If you don't have this, you must use a pre-fader send from that track on the board to your monitor mix out, or phones. On recording boards this called a cue track. Otherwise, you may send other tracks to the bus that don't belong there.

    Sorry for the long reply.


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    long replys are AOK

    This is good info. I will check into these possibilities. It may very well be that I have some wierd double monitoring issue going on. I didn't think of that.


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