Tascam US-122 and Sonar

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by WRX07, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Anyone have one of these? My friend just bought one and wants me to help him set it up with Sonar. Is it compatible with Sonar? I'm looking at the site and it looks like it connects to a computer via USB and the monitors go to the line outs. Would using an RCA/TRS cable work for powered monitors since the US-122 has RCA outs? How do I go about setting it up with Sonar? I have very limited experience with Sonar. Thanks for any help
  2. Don't buy one. I've had one, had a tonne of problems with latency and USB driver issues on a brand new computer (PC). I've heard they're even worse with Macs.

    It's much more worthwhile to save your money and go with something better, or even go with the Edirol 2 Channel (Can't rememeber the name).

    Sorry to be so blunt, but I've had experiences myself (and they're tech support) as well as help a friend set his up. In the end, we both took them back and got better interfaces.

    As far as Sonar, any good interface with proper drivers should work.
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    Seriously it's my friend's, not "friend's." I think he's using it with a PC.
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    I have a US 122 and have been using it for a year tracking demos with no problem (using a Sony Vaio laptop).

    I'm using it with a freeware s/w package called Kristal Audio Engine which is pretty basic but easy to use. (better than the bundled s/w with which I lost patience). I'm guessing if this freeware package can recognise the US-122 as a soundcard running ASIO drivers then Sonar should do too.
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    I've been using a US-122 with Sonar for a year now with my PC. I have not had a single problem with mine.

    The only downside with using it with a Mac is that my iBook only detects it as a USB 1.1 device.
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    US-122 is n't USB2 so that sounds correct.

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