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  1. silvercn1

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    Hello - My first post on this site. Wondering if anyone our there can comment on the TASCAM US 144 - would like some feedback on it. I have a small home studio and use Sonar Home Studio 7XL with Edirol UA 4 Fx usb interface. THis is a single channel.

    Creating a CD of my original songs for friends and family....so far things are sounding good. I am considering the TASCAM - wanting a relatively inexpensive 2 channel for stereo recording of acoustic guitar for my instrumentals......

  2. vashuba

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    Jul 14, 2009
    St Louis
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    i have the us 122, and it has been workin but i personally want to upgrade now after the couple years of using it. this came with cubase. plus i want more channels.
  3. silvercn1

    silvercn1 Guest

    Thanks Vashuba for your reply on this - I hope to get some other 144 users writing.
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