Tascam US-428 & Athlon Show of Hands!!

Discussion in 'Computing' started by darkstar32448, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Looking for some feedback from user's using the US-428 with Athlon based DAW's with no problems. I'm looking to build a new athlon system based around the US-428 and was hoping to get some advice on motherboard selection ETC... If you can post your system spec's it would be a great help.

    Thanks in Advance

    JC :)
  2. Raticus

    Raticus Guest

    I currently run

    Athlon 900
    628 mb ram
    30gig 7200 rpm ata/100 --Audio
    20 gig 5400 rpm - data
    plextor 12 x cdrw
    echo layla 20

    I think the Us 428 is a good control surface and a great upgrade from mouse mixing... it works almost naturally with Nuendo.

    As a soundcard it has 24 bit analog inputs; I have had slight latency issues with the inputs and I found the converters not to be great...

    I have had know technical problems with the unit at all for the most part...

    I recommend this unit as a control surface only and as a great leap from mixing from a mouse.. But after sometime you will outgrow the lack of motorized faders and the toyish frame....

    I plan to upgrade my 428 to the yamaha aw4416
  3. LittleJames

    LittleJames Member

    Nov 9, 2001
    Athlon 1Ghz CPU
    ASUS A7V133
    2 40Gb IBM 60GXP Drives (ATA100)
    1 Western Digital Caviar Drive (ATA100)
    Mitsumi CDR
    512 mb RAM
    Tascam US-428
    Plus Outboard Analog Gear.

    No Problems at all. I'm about to purchase two RME mutifaces for more i/o and better converters. I track on analog gear and use nuendo for multitracking and native effects and the US-428 as a controller and a/d conveter.

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