tascam us-428 unstable under WinXPpro

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by GentleG, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. GentleG

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    Hi all

    I've used my tascam us-428 happily for over 3 years now, until...

    Last week I installed WinXPpro on my notebook and now the us-428 is unstable:
    sound stops every once in a while for half a second and continues.

    Some specs:
    My notebook: ASUS L3C (http://) with PIV-2GHz 512Mb
    of course my notebook is optimized for audio (as in the pdfs on the tascam site)

    This occurs always and independent of:
    - WinXPpro or SP1 or critical updates
    - driver version 3.09 or 3.24
    - wdm, dx, or aiso
    (my onboard soundcard works properly)
    - application used (Cubase, Reason, Realplayer, etc.)

    Previously I used Win2Kpro without any problem

    After a few days troubleshootng I got frustrated, so I decided to install a game: Max Payne 2 (directx 9).
    Funny thing is the gamesound is perfect, but using the dx drivers won't work in Reason, Cubase, etc.

    Anyone any suggestions?

    Thanks & Cheers
  2. Big_D

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    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    Did you do a full install of XP or an upgrade? Have you made any other changes to your system or software that coincide with the instability issue? Are you running antivirus software? Have you run Scandisk and Defrag? Have you tried using Taskmanager to kill processes your not using (be very careful with this)? Have you set up a hardware profile just for recording? Does this happen when you record, mix or just listen? We might be able to track down the problem with a little more info. Check this website for PC tuning and a full explanation of all of your processes and which one's can be terminated safley. BV's the best.

  3. Keithburgun

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    Yeah, I also have this same problem!!!! I've been trying EVERYTHING to fix it for ages -driver clean reinstall, i even bought a whole new COMPUTER to fix it! It's horribly annoying, plz help!

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