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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Pujee, Mar 31, 2005.

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    A friend is offering me a Tascam US122 Audio/MIDI Interface and Logic Express 6 for a total of $200. Obviously, I would be saving money as this is a $4-500 value, but would you recommend these products for home recording? I have read both good and bad reviews for the Tascam US 122, and one continuous complaint was latency issues...although I think most of those people were Windows XP users, which I will not be, as I am planning on getting a Dual 1.8 G5 PowerMac.
    I'm not recording a full band or anything (right now), just my vocals and guitars, and I'll probably add tracks with Reason or something. Will I be too limited with Logic Express 6? I can always upgrade to Express 7 for about $90...I have a limited budget though, so the $999 version of Logic Pro is certainly out of the question...prior to this offer, I was also thinking of an MBox w/ ProTools LE...Any other thoughts?
  2. Pujee

    Pujee Guest


    Does anyone know much about these products? Would this topic be better suited if posted in a different forum?

    Thank you.
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