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    Hi all this is my first post and if i keep running into silly little problems like this then there will be more to come, ive got a tascam us1641 interface and im running the cubase 4 le software that comes with it, ive pretty much know my way round cubase to record edit add effects compression etc. Theres one thing thats been bugging me, i cant seem to get any sound or find a bus for the headphone output? at the moment i have my headphones running from output 3 of the 4 outputs it has, 1 and 2 are used by my behringer truths, im new to cubase but just cant seem to get anything from the headphone output.
    I really like the tascam its fairly easy to use, when i plug my bluebird mic in its really easy to get a great sound. and its perfect for tracking drums.
    If anyone can help me with this headphone issue that would be great, hope to hear from you soon.
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    This is a bit odd. The headphone jack on the front panel carries the same signal as the monitor outputs, so if you are hearing the replayed sounds on your UnTruths connected to the monitor outs, you should be able to hear the same thing on the headphones simply by turning up the headphone volume knob. You presumably have the MIX knob fully CW to hear replay only and are adjusting the monitor volume using the MONITOR knob.

    Wait...there's a clue in what you said: "[outputs] 1 and 2 are used by my behringer truths". That's it! You should be using the Monitor outputs for the speakers and not the line outs. It means changing the output destination in the Cubase Outputs tab and the Device Port pull-down. Alternatively, you can keep the monitors on line outs 1 and 2 and when you route the stereo mix to the Monitor outs, it goes to the headphones only. Try it and see.
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    Are you saying you want a different mix in your headphones than what you have going to your monitors? Or just that you can't get sound to come out of your headphones?
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    arrrr i see

    thanks i put my (untruths) in the wrong outputs, i am new to this, It is now sending an output to my headphones but the signal is weak, i should be able to sort it out from here thanks for your help, are the truths not very good then, i find them to be pretty good for the money.

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