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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jbon, Jul 31, 2005.

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    what is "kuser.dll"......?
    That is the file windows says I need to locate, from a CD I do not have
    in order to finish installing 3_0_9 on my pc...
    and 3_2_4,as well, same deal..

    US224...Tascam drivers... and I hope I can still install the new one that I was using without this quirk persisting but am about to learn....anyway,
    when doing an attempted install of my driver for the us224 , on my HP Pavlion533w celeron 2.0mhz desktop with 1 gig ram and extra HD

    while installing this 3_0_9 driver
    I am shown a popup
    saying windows requires me to locate a file on "my SP- 2 xpCD"
    in order to complete the installation of my soundcard drivers
    (This time, not usually)
    (I never have had any such CD)...
    I imagine, that I detect unhealthy things,
    like evil-deed-do-ers "warez",
    but , I am only hesitant to "just reformat",
    because, I do not know whether simply doing that, actually eradicates this type "stuff"...see?
    Of course you do..
    thanks, if any ideas can be arose from what I have told, or if I can add any clarity, or facts to what I said.

    thank you kindly
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    First off...always keep a subject in one thread...don't spread your problem out onto different posts..it only causes confusion and won't help people in the future if they want to see what solved your problem.

    Second..thanks for the computer information. That helps us a great deal in helping you out.

    My recommendation is to learn to optimize your system. Windows is installed with everything turned on..for a daw machine, this is not necessary.

    There are several places to go to for twek guides..of course I have my own:

    http://www.musicxp.net/ is another with many links and resources!

    My guide was written specifically for Tascam USB based audio devices...so you might want to go through it and see if that helps.

    Be patient and see if that helps you in any way.


    Opus :D

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