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Tascam USB or Delta 66 PCI ... WHICH ONE ?!!

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Rich O'Hanlon, Jul 30, 2003.

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  1. Here's my dilema ...

    I'd love to hear what you would choose in this situation.

    I'm just starting out in PC recording.

    I have a Desktop computer in my basement office.
    I also have a wireless laptop.

    I almost bought the Omni Delta 66 PCI card when it occured to me that I'll have to carry my entire computer up to my living room when I want to record.

    (My basement office is tiny)

    I then started thinking - hey, ... maybe there's something out there that will plug into a laptop via USB or something and provide a more powerful soundcard plus inputs for Mike's, guitar and Midi.

    I was looking at $ 300 max.
    Am I dreaming ???
  2. pandamonkey

    pandamonkey Active Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    Check out the "Echo Indigo" card (99US aprox.) There is a very informative article on it in the July issue of Sound on Sound. Check it out or online at http://
  3. Thanks Michael.

    I checked the product specs.
    It is well within my price range but compared to other products I've looked at - it seems rather basic.

    I guess I have two questions here.

    1. How much will I sacrifice going USB rather than PCI.

    2. If I go USB with products like Tascam US-122 interface - will they replace the crappy soundcard on my notebook ?
  4. TACurtis

    TACurtis Guest

    Rich, I use a Tascam US-428 with excellent results. Even though it's first-generation USB, I've never had an issue with data transfer, and it acts as its own souncard so no computer modification is required.

    It's a cool little unit that's excellent for entry-level guys like us. I got mine used on eBay for $325, if I recall correctly; I know someone who just got one for $300 even.

    I highly recommend it!
    ebay search results for Tascam US-428
  5. Thanks for answering my question !

    So it's a sound card as wall as an instrument interface to the PC as well as controller for the DAW program.

    Eggs-actly what I was hoping the answer would be.

    Next question regards TASCAM

    I looked at their web site where they have a users forum.

    Several nasty comments their about their support policies and process.

    If anyone reading this has recent experience with them from that side I'd be very interested to hear.

    Rich Ohanlon
  6. TACurtis

    TACurtis Guest

    Hm. I don't know what to tell you, bro. As I said, I bought mine used but I've never had a problem at all.

    I don't want to oversell it -- obviously I'm not affiliated with Tascam or (god forbid) ebay -- but I'm pretty happy with mine (I use it with a Mac) and so is my friend (who uses it with a PC).

    Yes. It is a audio-to-digital converter that transmits data to the computer via USB. I record bass, guitar and keyboards by plugging directly into the back. It acts as a controller for Cubase 5.0 on my Mac. I don't use this for MIDI data since I have a dedicated PC for sequencing, but I've used it before and it functions normally.
  7. sagreene

    sagreene Guest

    as for your limitations going from pci on a desktop to usb on a laptop...

    um...the delta66 will do 4 analog ins and 2 spdif. So that is six channels. What does the tascam do? IIRC its two. That would be your primary limitation. I had the omni for a while - sweet piece of circuits.
  8. Tre

    Tre Guest

    I use the tascam Us-428 on a daily basis. I like all the previously mentioned facts, but will testify that the midi works flawlessly with Nuendo to my MPC-2000Xl sequencer. The only complaints are three:
    1. Only 2 seperate audio channels at a time can be tracked on the 428(I do primarily midi music so thats not a big issue).

    2. I would really like to play with moving faders (this is not available on the 428).

    3. I like all the screen read out info the makie controller gives you (this is also not available on the 428).

    I have gotten great results with the sound quality.
  9. GentleG

    GentleG Guest

    I use the us-428 also

    I can record 4 (mono)tracks in cubase 5.1 (or cubasis which comes with the us-428)

    I used to have some problems with it.
    This was related with my usb-card.
    Just read the documents on tascam (usa) site to make sure you have the right usb-card.

    I now use it on my laptop, great moving around.
    Please keep in mind that the harddrive of a laptop isn't really fast.
    So you won't be able to play back a lot of tracks at the same time.
    Therefore I've bought the Maxtor DV5000 HD (firewire / usb2) this one is as fast as the hd's in my previous desktop.

  10. Bahia

    Bahia Guest

    Tascam Rules!!!!

    I use the US 428 already for 2 years ,along with my G4 is the most reliable part of my bedroom studio...

    But if you are a PC guy (and i so sorry to hear that...) the Tascam might not be for you...a couple of PC friends of mine also bought the US 428 and had troubles with it,most of the post on the tascam site is from beginners and pc users,the tascam Forum is great ,it helps alot when you are a beginner...With my Mac it was kind of plug-and-play,If I had the money I would buy the new ,Firewire model...

    I am very satisfied with the product,i already did lots of pre-production for CD`s and jingles,It^s just a very reliable blue box.Nowdays I NEVER visit tthe tascam Forum cause I NEVER gaet any trouble from it...

    Good Luck
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