TC Electronic Impact Twin - Does anyone here own this unit?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by JBeast, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Oct 16, 2011
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    I recently purchased one and their customer support is abyssal. It has taken them a week to respond by message portal and they have no way to talk to a live person. When they finally got back to me they didn't answer my question at all.

    Anyway, all I want to know is if anyone can confirm that their Impact Twin functions as mine does so that I know it's not/or is broken. In the manual it states that the on-board reverb module is only available at 48 kHz and lesser quality. Ok, I can live with that. There is nothing in the documentation to indicate that what is going on with my unit is normal.

    @ 48 kHz setting I have reverb, compressors ch1 & ch2 and no latency headphone monitoring through the unit.
    @ 96 kHz setting I lose the reverb - this is explained in the manual so I understand CLEARLY that the unit is supposed to function this way and I'm ok with that BUT...
    @ 128 kHz setting I lose reverb (ok), both compressors (huh?) and direct headphone monitoring through the unit... What the?

    But the unit records fine otherwise through Logic 9 @ 192 kHz and I can monitor through core audio and the DAW but I have latency to deal with when monitoring this way.

    There is nothing in the manual to indicate that ALL of this behavior is normal. The mixer interface is not available at 196 kHz and this IS explained in the manual but loss of all on-board hardware modules (accept PAD and GAIN) is not explicitly stated anywhere in manual. Customer support said "Read our FAQ, install the latest firmware (which I already had done prior to writing them) or send it in for repairs". The unit is only two weeks old and was DOA, why should I pay postage so that they can fix it? Is there something I'm missing besides patience?

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