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TC Electronic M-One vs M2000

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Graflin, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Graflin

    Graflin Guest

    Can anyone who has access or experience with these boxes please compare/contrast. I realize these are two completely differents beasts. But, here are the items I am interested in:

    M2000 - hi quality but several years old, 20 bit s/pdif, available second hand for around $600.

    M-One - current but midline product (low-end for TC), 24 bit s/pdif, available new for about $375.

    How much of their hi-end sound has trickled down to the M-One? Is the difference in verb quality sufficient to justify the (small) price difference or would it be silly to pass up an M2000 for that price? 20 bit vs 24 bit (I'll be hooking up through s/pdif)?

    I know it is difficult to give answers to subjective questions. Thanks.
  2. kellyd

    kellyd Guest

    Can't comment on the 2000 but I have a 3000. There is no contest. I borrowed a friend's M One for a few days, cheap reverbs just don't cut it especially on 1st reflections and tails. Pretty sure the 2000 sounds quite a bit better than the M One. If you don't have the cash the M One would be o.k. just don't expect it to sound like a high end TC. I have an Lexicon PCM91 and a MPX1. Same thing, the 91 kills it though you can buy 3 MPX1s for the price of a single 91. K.D.
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