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  1. wondering if someone can comment on the reverbs and the compressors of this unit as well as the overall useability.....I was looking at getting a TC M2000 but am seriously thinking of spending the extra dough and selling possibly my Ensoniq Dp4+ and possibly either my Joe Meek Sc 2.2 or Vc1q depending on what you guys have to say about the compressors in this unit.....any recommendations are appreciated!!

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    Great non standard type of effects, nice and easy routing/effects block layout. The reverb in the fireworx is way on the weak side. The comp is ugly digital. Nasty and useless. If your looking for something of this calibur, I suggest looking at an Eventide such as the Eclipse. Great effects sounds, reverbs, DSP power and flexability.
  3. I love my fireworx but its not for everyone or everything. I use it just for its modulations, which are fantasitc. If you want an fx processor from another planet this is the one to have but be advised it's not something you can use all the time. I hate it's delays as compared to my 2290 and even older eventides could kill it's pitch shifting abilites, it's not even intelligent pitch, and there are boss pedals that can do that. Oh and the reverbs are very cold and useless compared to a pcm70. But it has the most awesome crazy sounds in it. The Phasers, Chorus/Detune, AutoPan, Ring Modulators, a built in mono synth, vocoders, Filters ALL absolutely the coolest $*^t ever. What makes it really shine is the ability to route anything to anything. Like a pan that increases its speed acording to the pitch of the singer or how about changing the frequency of the HPF acording the the volume of the guitar. Its really just meant to be weird weird weird. If you think you want another synth this is all you really need, if you want normal useable effects get something else, like a spx1000 or an eventide or something not so crazy. I would say its better for a musicain to own one of these than for a recording engineer. Its soo flexible that you need a lot of time to make it do what you want and then what you have is going to be a very signature sound, good for a bridge or intro but not something you can use all the time.
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    Hey Brock-----------------I see youre using the Joe Meek Compressor-----Ive read some stuff on this comp,through musicians friend and have been looking into getting one----------does this one have the built in eq?----how do you like the unit? and why?

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